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company news about The Characteristics of Precision Machining

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Company News
The Characteristics of Precision Machining
Latest company news about The Characteristics of Precision Machining


The Characteristics of Precision Machining


    Parts that require precision machining come in a variety of materials, such as aluminum alloys, iron, stainless steel, bronze, copper, brass, plastics, steel, and other metals. According to the scale of the application and the materials involved, a variety of precision machining tools and techniques will be used. As a result, precision machine operators can use any combination of drills, grinders, lathes, mills, turns and even industrial robots to get parts done.

    Precision machining is a process that removes material from a workpiece to produce precise components with high tolerances and excellent surface quality. Precision machining processes involve processes such as turning, milling, drilling, gear cutting, and grinding. Heat treatment is a special process, such as carburizing, quenching, tempering, etc., which may be used because special needs in the precision machining process. Precision machining often requires computer numerical control, or CNC programming, which allows special designs to be transformed into precise shapes through multiple dimensions.


    1. Reduce the waste of raw materials.

    The introduction of advanced precision technology reduces the waste of parts materials. While engineering and manufacturing are expected to generate some level of waste, applying precision machining will greatly reduce waste. This saves significant cost in manufacturing, protects the environment and maximizes the use of expensive materials.


    2. Precision machining improves production efficiency.

    Precision engineering requires the use of machines with automatic assembly capabilities. This means that the production time will be greatly reduced and large orders can be accepted at a given time. Precision Machining maximizes the use of advanced precision technologies to speed up production. Precision machining can provide customers with fast turnaround delivery and reliable service. When the production cycle is faster, it does not mean that the quality is reduced. Professional precision engineers will maintain the quality during all processing to ensure the ideal size finished product is produced.


    3. Precision machining can process workpieces with high precision requirements.

    The machinery and technology of precision machining can accurately and precisely manufacture parts according to strict specifications. Precision machining capability refers to the level of precision with which a supplier can manufacture a part, object or assembly, regardless of whether it is large, complex, small or what a high precision is required. Due to the extreme level of precision and accuracy many parts need to be manufactured, maintaining this level of precision over a range of different object sizes and shapes is essential.


Product Range:

Materials: Aluminum 5052/5083/6061/6063/6065/6082/7075, Stainless steel 303/304/316/316L, Copper, Brass-H59/H63, Carbon steel-45, Q235, A3.

Surface Treatments: Anodize, Hard anodized, Polished/Painting, Powder coat, Black coating, Chrome plated, Electroplate, Chem film, Conversion coating, Passivation, Galvanized, Tinned, Sandblasted, Brushed, Silk screen, Pad print, Laser engraved.

Surface Roughness: Ra0.1-3.2

Totelance: +/- 0.05 - 0.1mm.

Application: Industrial automation, aviation, robotic, automotive, motorcycle, mountain cycling, medical device, drone, photographic, optical, intelligent equipment, smart device, comsumer electronics, mechanical engineering.


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